The things I’ve learned about blogging by blogging

1: I hate the way the word “blogging” sounds in my head. It sounds like a medical condition.

2: It’s really easy to maintain the blog-work-life balance when you don’t have a job.

3: If you want views, write about tragedy.┬áMy most viewed post is about a miscarriage, and feeling like I don’t belong in academia is second. The two have 3x the views of all my other posts combined.

4: I have no focus whatsoever. I’ll occasionally try to get some kind of streak or theme going, and that it fails as soon as I notice the trend. I’m not that kind of blogger, and that’s…okay. I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and gosh darn it, people like me.

5: People constantly give unsolicited advice about how to write a “successful” blog. How is that even quantified? If it’s monetized? A certain number of hits per day? Consistency? Being search-engine optimized? It feels successful to me.

6: The more time you spend writing, the less you need to share. I think I’ve saved as many as I’ve published because I can’t figure out where they’re headed. I’ll eventually find the context.

7: Lists are great. They’re convenient, readable, and can be picked up pretty easily.

8: It’s a fun hobby. When you spend most of your writing time preparing for academic publication, it’s nice to have a place to write for yourself and your friends.

9: I never have the motivation to write on vacation, but look what I’m doing here, right now.

See y’all next week.