Sunday Sunday, So Good to Me

Time for another commentary on your favorite subject and mine, my job. But first, I feel the need to clarify a few things about the last writings I posted on here. Those were just things that I had lately been thinking, ideas that I’ve been trying to find the strength to vocalize for some time. If you’re reading this, it probably doesn’t apply to you, at least not as long as our friendship is concerned. If it does, I’m apparently getting some publicity of which I was unaware.
Moving on the current subject, people know who I am before I introduce myself. I don’t mean someone saying “I know” when I say that I’m Scott White, and I’m conducting a customer service follow-up call on behalf of (car rental company). I mean starting out my phone call with “Hello, may I speak to Christine Everheart?” and hearing in response “Yeah, hang on. (away from the phone) Phone! (car rental company)!”
Either these people get a lot of calls from my company, or they don’t get a whole lot of phone calls in general. No matter the reason, it’s a bit on the unnerving side, and definitely impressive. Perhaps I’ve been calling people with extra-sensory perception.
On a somewhat related note, in that it was something I noticed while working on a Sunday, there are apparently a large number of people who get incredibly irate if you call them on weekends. One woman was kind enough to ask me if I was aware that it was Sunday, which was a rather stunning revelation for me. No, ma’am, that particular fact had not escaped my notice. Given that I am the one who is at work on a Sunday, and will be here for eight hours rather than just having a two minute conversation about a rental car, I can understand why you might think that I’m unaware of what day it is, but rest assured that I have been informed what day of the week it is.
You see folks, we used to have laws that said nobody worked on Sundays. “Blue Collar Laws” are what I’ve heard them called. Plenty of liquor laws have their roots in the very same tradition, the one that said Sunday is a holy day of rest. Well, APPARENTLY most of those laws aren’t on the books anymore. And, as they are no longer on the books, there are certain companies that are open on Sundays, such as grocery stores, or telemarket research centers. And while I am displeased that there are a few people who are getting incensed, I bet you’re not too upset that you can still run out to McDonald’s after church in the morning, are you?
In summary, I call people who know things about me that I haven’t told them, and people like to get self-righteous and indignant for religious reasons. Have a good day, y’all.


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